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Kitchen Designs
Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Design

Whether you’re undergoing a small kitchen renovation, or a complete kitchen remodel, a well-thought-out and detailed plan is a must for any kitchen project. Whether you design the kitchen yourself, work with a home center, or go to a kitchen designer, formulating a kitchen renovation plan is always the first step. There are three basic kitchen functions to consider when creating the ideal kitchen: storage, preparation, and clean-up.

Kitchen Cabinets

Why be cupboards when you can be painted high gloss flat panel paired with matchstick natural stained walnut or be traditional shaker in a not so traditional Wedgwood blue? Sure they hold the plates and pots but they can also inspire you to soak in the best parts of your day like hanging out with your favorite mug in a gorgeous space that makes you happy. every. single. morning.

Kitchen Backsplash

It’s the compliment or the contrast, the main event or the supporting character that brings everything together. You can truly do anything here, from countertop material to ceiling high back painted glass to natural stone in a fantastic array of colors and patterns to hand made ceramics that speak to organic style. You can put any textile on the wall because the latest porcelain tiles are THAT GOOD.

Kitchen Countertops

Are you hoping for white marble surfaces surrounding your kitchen cabinets, basking in natural light? Are you ready to let that marble bloom into a piece of fabric that tells a story through a few stains here and there or are you hoping for a forever pristine surface? Countertops are going to take the most wear in your kitchen so the right material choice is paramount. We will help you find that balance between form and function from the many countertop material options available.

Kitchen Hardware

You can change a kitchens vibe by just changing out the hardware and a can of paint. Brass is the new Satin Nickel but it has so much more of a sassy party feel. Or go black and industrial with hardy sash pulls and black knobs to get a French Patisserie feel. It’s really that easy. We’ll work together to get the kitchen you’re looking for.

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